Posted on 26.01.21

Discover UniFlour 35501, our new heat-treated pea flour for milk replacers

To meet the needs of calves and piglets for milk replacers, Limagrain Ingredients has been proposing a range of pregelatinized flours that are a complement to dairy products. The stable dispersibility and water solubility of these flours offer high performances in terms of stability. The microbiological quality is also guaranteed for longer resting times of the milk tanks. Micro-grinding prevents the formation of lumps and ensures that the product mixes well with the other dry components. These vegetable ingredients have good ileal digestibility and a neutral colour, close to milk.

The UniFlour 35501 reference, an extruded yellow pea flour specific for young animals completes our range which is already rich in wheat (several granulometries), rice or maize references.

Yellow peas undergo an extrusion process during which the pea is heat treated. After this process, the flour has a high protein content (22%) as well as gelatinized starch, fibre and low fat content.

Bitex pea flour

UniFlour 35501 also has functional properties such as higher emulsification and binding capacities. The fibres in peas are mainly insoluble, which can help to provide a better feeling of satiety and better prepare the transition of the young animal to solid plant food.


  • - Rich in protein and insoluble fibre
  • - Natural source of minerals: phosphorus, potassium, magnesium…
  • - Controlled microbiology
  • - Sustainable & GMO-free
  • - Reduction of antinutritional factors

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