Posted on 8.06.22

Enjoy a new Tex-Mex snacking experience with our Maya pellets

A great snack requires a delicious taste combined with the right texture.
With that in mind, Limagrain Ingredients has created a brand new snack pellet concept, based on a gap identified on our shelves: a maize pellet with a Tex-Mex recipe.
Tortilla chips are a major segment in the salty snacks market, experiencing growth every year...but how about the taste of tortilla chips on a completely different shape and with a new texture? 
That's how the Maya Pellet was born, a maize pellet with a clear masa taste to guarantee a new Tex-Mex snacking experience!
Maya pelletFind out more on our dedicated pages about pellets And don't hesitate to contact us if you want to taste the Maya Pellet!
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