Posted on 22.11.23

Presco Flour: elevate your pet treats with the fine-milled version of our puffed cereals

When it comes to treating our pets, we want to provide them with the best. Pet treats are not just indulgences; they are moments of joy and love that strengthen the bond between pets and their owners.


That's why we are thrilled to introduce our latest innovation, Presco Flour: a fine-milled version of our Presco pre-gelatinised cereals, designed to elevate pet food snacks and treats, including dental sticks and dog biscuits.

The unique PRESCO technology at its finest


At Limagrain Ingredients, we have developed a wide range of attractive puffed gelatinised cereals, produced with the unique Presco (for PRESsure COoking) technology. Our various wholegrain ingredients meet the nutritional needs of pets and offer the highest digestibility of nutrients. In addition, they ensure a safe food intake as well as an attractive smell and taste for your pets! Today we're proud to introduce the finer version of our Presco pre-gelatinised cereals.

Presco Flour offers a cost-effective option with lower energy consumption and greater efficiency, making it a valuable complement to our range of PetFlour extruded functional flours. 
A fine treat for your furry customers

In addition to the general benefits of Presco puffed grains, here's why our fine milled Presco Flour stand out:

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Download our leaflet if you want to know more! Our R&D team is available to support you in your developments with our Presco Flour ingredients.
Are you ready to take your pet snacks and treat offerings to the next level?
At Limagrain Ingredients, we understand the evolving demands of the pet food industry. Our commitment to quality and innovation is what sets us apart. We offer not just ingredients but solutions that meet the unique needs of pet owners.
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Presco Flour for pet food
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