Posted on 10.07.24

Enhance your bakery products with Presco's puffed ingredients!

An easy way to bring in the texture and boost your process.

Result of our unique process, our Presco puffed grains will bring a little twist to your products and so much more!

Easy to use, our Presco solutions are natural texturizing ingredients that can be used both as topping and inclusions and can be adapted for all your processes.

With our different varieties (wheat, spelt, rye, barley…) and densities, our Presco puffed grains are suitable for all your applications such as breads, specials breads, biscuits and many others!


Natural ingredients with multiple benefits:

EN-Bakery-PRESCODownload our leaflet or contact us now if you want to know more!
Our R&D team is available to support you in your developments with our Presco puffed ingredients.
Presco: puffed ingredients
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