Posted on 8.03.21

Making your tortillas tastier with the Tasty masa flour

Tortilla chips are widely consumed and loved thanks to their typical maize taste, giving a TexMex vibe to snacks.

As a masa flour expert and a supplier of ingredients for tortilla chips, Limagrain Ingredients aims to create tastier snacking experiences while ensuring a consistent and superior quality of raw material, perfectly adapted to our customers’ processes.

After many years of research and through the perfect combination of our specific process and our R&D expertise, we created the Tasty masa flour concept to reach this typical traditional taste. Considering the level of TexMex taste you’re looking for, we are able to achieve it with high quality ingredients for tortilla chips!


The Tasty masa flour Tortilla chips were tested among 100 consumers, 67% of them highly appreciated the Tasty masa flour tortilla chips* (with a grade over 7/10), compared to 52% for a tortilla from the market, made from traditional process*.

Treat yourself to this innovative Tasty masa flour!

*Organoleptic test made by the agency KOS RESEARCH on 100 French consumers in 2020.

Find our more about our Tasty masa concept by watching our video


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