Posted on 5.01.21

A new imPulse for your snack range!

Consumers demand for healthier snacks has inspired Limagrain Ingredients to incorporate protein content in its snack pellets, without any compromise on final taste. Pulses, the new stars of our diet, are making that possible. They are more and more required by consumers and manufacturers for their ethnic taste, nutritional characteristics and naturalness.

To satisfy every needs, we developed pulse-based pellet and micropellet:

  • - WAVY BEAN is the latest pulse-based addition to the pellet range by Limagrain Ingredients. In this new pellet, we incorporated faba bean flours to increase the protein content of the snack, bringing a healthier halo to the snack whilst keeping a crunchy texture. Its slightly wavy square shape brings a crunchy texture to the final snack.
  • - MICRO 660 High In Protein is the latest innovation by Limagrain Ingredients for puffed cakes and popped chips. Our R&D development formulated this micropellet with faba bean flour for two main reasons:
        •                 - To diversify the variety of high-protein snacks available to consumers

                - Faba bean is the pulse with the highest content in protein, allowing the final product to reach the claim “high in protein”.

According to Dr. Pascal Tabouillot, R&D extrusion expert at Limagrain Ingredients, "Reaching a high in protein claim is tricky in savoury snacks; the amount of fat uptake makes it really difficult. That’s why we worked on a formulation for a new micropellet: when producing popped chips and puffed cakes, there is no added fat. Thus, our Micro 660 HIP is the perfect combination for a healthy snack treat!”

Limagrain Ingredients guarantees a premium quality of its pellets, with a regular expansion. Moreover, our pulses recipes are GLUTEN-FREE and have a LOWER SALT content, to meet the rising Better-for-you trend of the Snacks Industry.

micro 660 + wavy bean



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