Posted on 28.01.21

Finding the right match for your pellets innovations

Limagrain Ingredients has always been committed to offering tasty and amazing snacking experiences. Our ranges are constantly evolving towards one objective: creating the best ingredient to bring your pellets to the next level.

We know that to best meet consumers’ needs when it comes to snacking, monitoring and understanding their behaviour is key. Because it’s challenging to keep track of trends and desires, our wide and comprehensive range of functional flours has been specifically designed to support you through your product improvements and adjustments.

Our unique know-how allows us to provide you with products adapted to your expectations in terms of texture, nutrition, process, naturality and many other aspects.

Our functional flours come with an array of benefits that could help you improve your pellets:

  • - A wide range of functional flours dedicated to your pellets. Made from cereals (wheat, maize, rice etc.) and pulses (chickpea, lentils, beans etc.) to perfectly blend in your recipes, even Gluten Free ones,
  • - The ability to understanding processability and problematics that come with it. Our ingredients can improve your pellets in many ways by bringing great flowability, better shape definition, get a better cooking ability but also a better consistency,
  • - Understanding texture perfectly. Our unique expertise in texture allows us to develop ingredients that will match your texture expectations, allowing a better expansion of the pellet,
  • - Boosting nutrition. At Limagrain Ingredients, we make it essential to provide you with healthy and balanced ingredients without compromising on pleasure. Our ranges are designed to combine heath and enjoyment for you to create better and healthier snacks.

Whether you’re looking to develop a new pellet or simply adjust your existing recipe, our team of experts can support you in reaching your goals.

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