Posted on 15.06.21

Natural & functional, discover our Presco BabyCorn pellets for recreational fishing

Thanks to the exclusive PRESCO process (for PRESsure COoking) which combines pressure, cooking and optimal residence time, Limagrain Ingredient has created BabyCorn pellets.

BabyCorn is a 100% natural ingredient, 100% functional and unique on the market. It is the ideal ingredient to stimulate the appetite of carp without force-feeding them.

Discover this ingredient with unique functionalities:

- Made from whole corn grains: corn is carefully selected for its nutritional aspects

- A patented process: The whole grains are ground and then reduced to pellets. The PRESCO process gives BabyCorn pellets exceptional nutrition (energy, lipids, proteins, fibres)

- Exceptional organoleptic qualities: with its unique taste and smell, PRESO BabyCorn increases palatability, much appreciated by fish and recognised by all fishing enthusiasts!

- 100% natural: A natural bait, made from 100% puffed corn. Thanks to the solubility of the puffed corn, the angler’s spot is clearly marked.

It can be used in all your baits to make them more attractive. This ideal companion for recreational fishing has been a reference for over 20 years. "BabyCorn" has even become a common name, entering the vocabulary of all carp anglers in Europe. A real reputation for a unique product!

PRESCO BabyCorn: Often copied, never equalled!

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