Posted on 20.02.24

Presco Flour: Boosting piglet nutrition for a healthier start

Presco Flour: Boosting piglet nutrition for a healthier start

Limagrain Ingredients introduces its latest addition to its portfolio – Presco Flour. This fine-milled version of our traditional Presco products is a testament to innovation in the pursuit of optimal piglet nutrition. Crafted through the unique PRESCO process (for PRESsure-Cooked), Presco Flour is designed to break down starch, preserve health-supporting fibre and provide quick energy as well as unparalleled digestibility of nutrients to young animals.

Let's look at the benefits that set Presco Flour apart and make it an ideal solution in piglet feed:

- The perfect porridge:

Presco Flour, with its fine particle size, creates the perfect porridge-like texture and right viscosity without any extra heating step. This characteristic makes it an ideal choice for piglet prestarter and starter feed in semi-liquid or liquid applications, ensuring a seamless transition for piglets during crucial growth stages.

- Better processability:

Boasting a finer particle size, Presco Flour exhibits excellent water absorption properties and consistency. Its fine texture makes it easily dispersible, allowing for smooth integration into automatic feeding systems. This enhanced processability streamlines feed production, offering convenience to modern farming practices.

- Economic efficiency:

Presco Flour not only delivers superior nutritional benefits but also stands out as a cost-effective option. With lower energy consumption and greater efficiency, it serves as an excellent complement to our range of extruded functional flours, providing a significant economic advantage for pig farmers.

- Improved palatability: 

The Presco technology reveals the natural fragrance of grains. The inclusion of Presco Flour enhances the natural flavor of piglet feed, making it particularly attractive to piglets. Improved palatability translates to increased feed intake, fostering healthier growth and development in the crucial early stages.

- Easy digestibility: 

Presco Flour achieves the optimal level of starch gelatinisation, offering piglets quick and easy energy during the weaning period. This superior digestibility contributes to the overall well-being and vitality of the piglets.

- Nutrition retained: 

Retaining essential nutrients, Presco Flour is wholegrain, higher in protein, and naturally rich in fibre. This combination supports a healthier intestinal microbiota, ensuring optimal digestive health for growing piglets.

- A wide range: 

Presco Flour offers two fine granulometries, <250µm and <600µm, with options available for different grain bases. While initially focused on corn and wheat, Presco Flour's adaptability makes it easily extendable to other grains, such as sorghum, providing flexibility for diverse nutritional requirements.

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