Posted on 25.08.22

PRESCO Organic Baby Corn Milled: perfect for young animals feed

  • Limagrain Ingredients launches PRESCO Organic Baby Corn Milled, a functional flour produced from European corn of organic origin.

    The whole maize kernel has been blown through a unique process in Europe, called PRESCO for PRESsure & COoking. It was then milled to obtain the functional ingredient.


    Copy of Banner Emailing Presco Organic BabyCorn EN v2-2Thanks to the PRESCO process, the functional flour from whole grain, Organic Baby Corn Milled, acquires an improved palatability and a unique taste, which allows it to be used in organic farm animals formulas such as piglets, young ruminants, fish, poultry, etc., to provide an aromatic profile that is highly appreciated by the young animals on the farm.

    The PRESCO treatment also assumes the highest degree of gelatinisation of the starch, which allows to provide available and fast energy to the young animals at weaning, to facilitate their transition from lactation to solid food. 

    Organic Baby Corn Milled is completely natural and has all the advantages of whole maize grain, with a high fat, fibre and mineral content (potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, etc.). 

    Finally, Organic Baby Corn Milled can be easily added to any formulation that requires organic farming, for all farm animals.


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