Posted on 17.01.22

Presco Tasty Corn for calf nutrition

The success of calf rearing is directly linked to milk and meat speculation. The first steps of calf after weaning are key: its subsequent performance is directly related to the precocity and the quality of its first solid meals.

Muesli or mash (blend of straw and cereals) can be a tasty solution to improve these first crucial steps. Today, thanks to nutritional & organoleptic aspects, maize is already used in the formulations, often in the form of corn flakes. Unfortunately, these corn flakes are fragile when mixed (much abrasion) and therefore, their covering power is low (impact of the natural yellow color of corn in the dark mix). Moreover, their palatability is moderate and gelatinized starch is often unsatisfactory and very variable.

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Presco Tasty Corn Special Calf provides a unique solution in calf feeding. The unique PRESCO (for PRESsure COoking) process was developed in our facilities located in Weert (The Netherlands) and it is based on the right combination of pressure, steam and time, perfectly adapted for corn. For each cereal the PRESCO process can be set individually, to get the most optimal treatment. The optimal PRESCO process makes it possible to achieve to a unique cooked maize kernel structure, with a high gelatinization degree together with batch to batch consistency.

In Presco Tasty Corn Special Calf, the digestibility of the starch is high and provides high available energy, acting with fermentable fibre to allow the optimal growth of the animals.

The inclusion of Presco Tasty Corn Special Calf in a muesli contributes to the attractiveness of the muesli, because of taste and smell and is therefore a key natural ingredient in the formulations.

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Presco Tasty Corn and its incorporation into muesli



The bottom line:

Optimal for muesli and mash:

        • • Low risk of segregation in muesli
  • • High bulk density (380 g/l), perfect for mixing in muesli
  • • Stable structure: little crushing and low in abrasion
  • • Optimal look, smell and taste

Nutritional Benefits:

  • • Starch gelatinization by the unique PRESCO process
  • • Good energy source
  • • A good source of fibre, to well-start rumination
  • • Naturally low content in iron, especially interesting for veal calves (white meat fattening)
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