Posted on 30.06.21

UniFlour, a range dedicated to calf milk replacer

For a long time, calf milk was mostly made of raw material from the dairy industry. Today, this market tends to go for cereal and plant-based ingredients. In response to the challenges of this market, Limagrain Ingredients introduces the UniFlour range, a range of functional flours specifically created to match the composition of calf milk.

Composed of 100% natural functional flours, Limagrain Ingredients UniFlour range is made from various raw material such as wheat, maize, rice or even pulses (mostly pea).

Discover the benefits of the range:

- Choice from a wide array of solutions: the UniFlour range comes in various particle grades for an optimized distribution in the final product. Wheat, maize, rice or even pea, we have a UniFlour solution for every need.

- Well-balanced ingredients for normal growth: with pleasant taste and a natural color, the UniFlour solutions are greatly appreciated by young animals ensuring they get the required amount of concentrate per day and steady growth.

- Highly digestible ingredients to prevent gut discomfort: the range shows excellent ileal digestibility results while ensuring the drinking behaviour of calves to remain unchanged.

- Amazing dispersion ability to blend with other ingredients: the dispersibility and water solubility of the range scores high in terms of stability. Micro-milling prevents the formation of lumps and ensures that the product mixes well with other dry components.

- Microbiology: the microbiological quality is guaranteed for longer resting times in milk tanks (automatic feeding). Contrary to other dairy ingredients, we have control of moisture content in all UniFlour ingredients to avoid any migration.

- Versatile and easy-to-use: our native, dried (micro-ground) and soluble flours are considered a great alternative or supplement to dairy products.

Join the many customers that have chosen UniFlour ingredients as replacement for calf milk!

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