Posted on 19.09.20

CERECLEAN, the innovative solution for a natural preservation

With consumers more and more concerned with their food and in search of ever more naturalness, Limagrain Ingredients has developed CERECLEAN, the innovative solution to meet a simple need: natural preservation.

Result of many years of work and research, CERECLEAN is just as effective as the conservatives commonly used in bread products. Winner of the 2020 Innovation Trophies at the CFIA fair, CERECLEAN ensures a long shelf life of sliced breads, brioches and pastries, without any organoleptic impact or on the texture of the finished product.

The benefits of CERECLEAN are:

  • Clean Label with a reassuring statement,
  • Functional: CERECLEAN has the same impact on the preservation of bread products as the chemical preservatives commonly used such as calcium propionate (additive E282), potassium sorbate (additive E202) or alcohol,
  • Without any organoleptic impact (taste and texture) on sandwich breads, brioches or pastries,
  • Simple to use, just by adding formulations.




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