Posted on 19.09.20

Low Salt & Low Acrylamide solutions for potato snack pellets!

To meet the new requirements of acrylamide reduction in snacks established by the Commission Regulation 2017/2158, Limagrain Ingredients’ R&D teams developed new recipes for its potato snack pellets. On top of that, these new recipes were also designed to lower the salt level of the pellets.

The European Commission has published EC regulation 2017/2158 “establishing mitigation measures and benchmark levels for the reduction of the presence of acrylamide in food”. It controls acrylamide in baked or fried carbohydrate-rich foods including deep fried potatoes and Snacks. The regulation requires food businesses to establish a program of sampling and analysis of levels of acrylamide in the relevant foodstuffs and prove that the products have lower levels of acrylamide than the benchmark levels and « as low as achievable ». In the European Union, the maximum level of acrylamide is 750 μg/kg.

Subsequently, Limagrain Ingredients developed new recipes for its potato pellets:

- That effectively prevents formation of acrylamide,
- With a low salt content to meet the Better For You trend,
- And a great price/efficiency ratio.

According to Dr. Pascal Tabouillot, R&D extrusion expert at Limagrain Ingredients, "Decreasing the level of acrylamide is a challenge for us and for the snacks manufacturers. After several trials, we found the best solution with an excellent price/efficiency ratio, and very good tasting results.”


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