Posted on 30.11.21

PRESCO Baby Barley, high energy and gut health for piglets

Thanks to its exclusive PRESCO process (for PRESsure COoking) which combines pressure, cooking and optimal residence time, Limagrain Ingredient has created PRESCO Baby Barley, the perfect ingredient for piglets.

Barley provides a source of both fermentable fibres and non-fermentable fibres in the piglet's diet to improve gut health role.

These fibres improve the yield of propionic and butyric acids as well as lower pH in hindgut. Barley provides prebiotic fibre that has the potential to beneficially manipulate the intestinal microbial ecosystem of the piglets as well as decrease the incidence of diarrhea.

By a natural & physical process (only heat, steam and pressure), PRESCO Baby Barley increases the availability of soluble & fermentable fibres in barley. PRESCO Baby Barley provides high viscosity in the stomach, synonym with a high retention time to improve nutrient digestion. On the other hand, it brings low viscosity in the small intestine which helps to avoid the incidence of diarrhea.Presco HE pellets-pngIn addition to fibre benefits, PRESCO Baby Barley is fully gelatinized and provides highly and easily digestible energy for young piglets with underdeveloped digestive system. A recent study performed by Clermont University indicated that PRESCO Baby Barley has the highest in vitro starch digestibility, compared to extruded and expanded barley.

Moreover, the PRESCO-processed grains have a naturally attractive smell to piglets, which makes your feed more palatable.

Young animals are sensitive to mycotoxins. Thanks to the selection of grains and the intensive double cleaning processes, PRESCO Baby Barley is low in mycotoxins.

To go further, find out more about our full range of PRESCO Ingredients for Petfood and Feed.

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